Deep Fried Button Mushrooms
with garlic and cucumber dip


Oscars Special Tossed Salad
with lardons, croutons, mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, mixed peppers & cashew nuts, sprinkled with balsamic vinaigrette


Bruschetta – Two Slices
topped with Italian Sausage, Mozzarella and Fresh Tomato


Cream of Vegetable Soup


Confit of Duck Leg
served with mango and raspberry coulis, orange  and walnut salad


Baked Crostini of Goats Cheese
with blackcurrant puree


Garlic Baguette Plain


Garlic Baguette 
Topped with Mozzarella and slow roasted tomato


Crunchy Chicken Strips
with coconut fried noodles and satay sauce


Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs
with a tangy honey flavoured BBQ sauce


Baked Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Tortelloni
in a cream sauce with croutons and parmesan shavings


Smoked Salmon
with lemon capers and Josie’s homemade brown bread


Spicy Chicken Wings
smothered in a sweet chilli and garlic sauce


Fish and Seafood

Deep fried Fillet of Cod
in a light beer batter served with lemon scented tartare sauce


Coconut Fried Jumbo Prawns
in a light batter presented on a chilli & garlic coulis served with steamed rice


Baked Darne of Salmon
with a sauce of spring onion and fresh cream


Chicken Dishes

Baked Supreme of Chicken
filled with cream cheese and topped with garlic butter and toasted cashews


Kung Po Chicken
3 deep fried crispy chicken strips & wok fried veg in a sweet chilli, garlic and soy sauce with toasted cashews and sesame seeds.  Served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice.


Pad Thai Chicken
3 deep fried crispy chicken strips & wok fried veg in a tamarind sweet chilli sauce with chopped peanuts, coriander and lime. Served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice.


Sweet & Sour Chicken
3 deep fried crispy chicken strips & wok fried veg in a sweet, sour, sticky sauce. Served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice.


Volcano Chicken
3 deep fried crispy chicken strips & wok fried veg in a tangy soya and sweet sauce. Served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice.


We guarantee all our poultry is of Irish origin.


8oz. Sirloin


10oz. Sirloin


14oz. Sirloin


8oz. Fillet Steak


10oz. Fillet Steak


All steaks are grilled on a solid top and served with button mushrooms complemented with our special sauce.

All beef served in this restaurant is of Irish origin and the finest quality.  Sourced and supplied by C. R. Tormey Butchers.

Speciality Dishes

Crispy Silver Hill Duckling
with cranberry stuffing, served with a port and orange jus


Honey Glazed Lamb Shanks
on a bed of chunky garlic and spring onion hash


Chicken Italienne
baked breast of chicken topped with mozzarella and sun-dried tomato, served with bacon, leek and garlic sauce


Sizzler Combo
chilli fried chicken and beef strips, tossed with red onion and sweet peppers served on a sizzling hot platter, with flour tortillas and garlic salad


Full Rack of Baby Ribs
smothered in a tangy honey BBQ sauce


Emperor Burger
4oz. Fillet steak topped with French fried onions on a sesame seed garlic slice with garlic sauce


All main courses served with potatoes of the day or French Fries and tossed mixed salad with House Dressing

Health Fire Kitchen

Steamed Chicken or Tiger Prawn with Fresh Vegetables, Wok fired in the style of your choice

Chicken   €17.00                   Prawn   €17.50                   Combo   €17.50                    Veg   €15.50

The Red One – Classic Red Thai Curry
The Green One – Classic Green Thai Curry
Satay – Red Curry Base with Chopped Peanuts
Tom Yum – Hot Sour Broth finished with Coconut Cream
Laksa – Turmeric and Tamarind flavoured Malay Curry
Green Chilli and Cashew Nut – Green Chilli and Garlic Broth with Toasted Cashew
The Holy One – Red Chilli Broth with Thai Basil
Simply Soy – Fresh Chilli and Garlic Broth and Dark Soy
The Stinking Rose – Roast Garlic and Oyster Sauce Flavoured Broth
The Yellow One – Classic Yellow Thai Curry

Served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice

Pizza Selection


All our Pizzas are 8″, feel free to design your own.
Maximum 3 toppings from the following ingredients:

Chilli Fried Chicken, Spinach, Peppers, Caramelised Onion, Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Mushroom, Pineapple, Sweetcorn, Clonakilty Black Pudding, Slow Roasted Tomato, Apple, Fresh Chilli, Fresh Garlic, Black Olives.

Or may we suggest

Chilli Fried Chicken, Sweet Pepper and Caramelised Onion

The Swedish: Triple Pepperoni, Crispy Bacon, Onion & Ground Black Pepper

Ham, Mushroom & Pineapple

Clonakilty Black Pudding, Oven Roasted Tomato & Bramley Apple

Roast Chicken, Bacon & Sweetcorn

Veggie Mix: Courgette, Aubergine, Mushroom, Asparagus, Black Olives & Spinach

Goats Cheese, Spinach & Slow Roasted Tomato

Garlic, Chilli & Caramelised Onion (Staff Pick!!)


Fresh Cream & Butter Based Sauces

Crispy Bacon, Spinach & Garlic


Smoked Salmon & Fresh Shrimp


Chicken, Leek, Chilli & Fresh Garlic


Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Fresh Garlic


Julienne of Fresh Vegetables


Fresh Tomato Based Sauces

Chicken, Asparagus & Fresh Chilli


Courgette, Sweet Pepper, Mushroom & Garlic


Italian Sausage, Black Olive, Green Pepper


Sundried Tomato, Sunflower Seeds, topped with Mozzarella & Gratinated 


Aubergine, Black Olive, Courgette & Mushroom


All Pizza and Pasta Dishes served with a tossed Mixed Salad

Side Dishes

Saute Onions


French Fried Onions


Saute Mushrooms


Selection of Vegetables


Potatoes of the Day


French Fries




Tossed Mixed Salad – House Dressing



Banoffee Pie
with Honeycomb Ice Cream


Warm Centred Chocolate Fudge Cake
with Toffee Crunch Ice Cream


Homemade Apple Pie
with Vanilla Ice Cream & Cream


Selection of Ice Cream in a homemade waffle cone

2 Scoops    €5.50                                 3 Scoops €6.50

Tea / Coffee



Filter Coffee






Double Espresso




Cafe Latte


Hot Chocolate



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